The bux that always pays
Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Bux Paid?

Bux Paid is a PTC website that pays you for visiting our advertisers websites. You can also rent referrals and earn money from them. Tell your friends and like rented referrals direct referrals will also earn you money from their clicks, Post your payment proofs on our forum and socialise with other members.

Our Business information is:

Company: Adzbux Advertising Services Trading as Bux Pays

26 Constitution Hill,



ME5 7DP,

email: buxpaysptc[at]

Phone: (+44) 7946177557


2How do i Make Money?

First you need to Create an account.

Confirm your email address.

Click on Earn, then on PTC

Click the ads available to you and solve a puzzle to get credited for each one.

Once these are all done, you can click on Earn then Minutestaff or PTC wall to click and earn more.

Once you have at least $1 in your account you can click on My Account, then on withdraw.

Choose your payment processor then wait to be paid. Then Repeat. as often as you want.

3Can i create more than 1 Account?

No! We have very strict anti-cheat rules...

Anyone creating more than 1 account or using the same information to create accounts on other computers will be found and suspended instantly! 

Anyone Found using an IP that is not a real ISP (Amazon AWS, CloudForge etc) will also be suspended.

Anyone trying to interfere, Hack or Scam people on this site will also be Suspended!

4Can i delete my account?

No all accounts go inactive after 60 days inactivity. These are then archived, your information will never be sold or shared with other parties. Accounts are stored for security and anti fraud reasons.

5My activation code hasn't arrived?

Some times our servers have a high load and can take a little longer to send out emails.

If you cannot wait for your confirmation email simply send us an email from your Bux Pays signup email with your username and we will activate your account manually.

Send the email to buxpaysptc[at]

6What is a Rented Referral Guarantee?

We guarantee you will break even with rented referrals is using Autopay. Provided you click 10 ads daily your referrals will average 10 clicks daily. This is break even.

Each rented referrals click is worth $0.0005


To make more profit you need to extend and have a renting strategy!

Autopay (Disbled for Std members) = 2% discount!

15 Days Extension - 0% Discount

30 Days Extension - 2% Discount

60 Days Extension - 5% Discount

120 Days Extension - 7% Discount

210 Days Extension - 10% Discount

360 Days Extension - 20% Discount

So you can make 20% more per rented referral by just extending. Create a strategy and see how high your AVG can go!

7My question still hasnt been answered...

Open a support ticket you will get a personal responce from our staff within 24 hours.